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Welcome to Swallowdale Primary School. I have the huge privilege to lead a warm, welcoming and highly successful primary school. We are very lucky to have a fantastic range of enthusiastic and supportive pupils, parents, teachers, support staff and governors within our school.

Our School consists of fourteen classes in single aged year groups. Our skilled staff delivers learning opportunities specifically tailored to individual children’s needs ensuring they achieve their full potential during their time at Swallowdale Primary School.

Swallowdale Primary School thrives on being part of the community. We have an ‘open door’ policy therefore our parents, governors and community members are invited to and involved in many events during the school year.

The best way to find out about us is to come and see for yourself. If you would like to visit our school or come in for an informal chat, please contact the office to make an appointment.

Acting Headteacher

Andrea Brown

I've been blown away by the gifts, flowers and good wishes I've received from parents and staff of @swallowdaleps. I truly feel overwhelmed at your generosity. 15 years I will never forget. Many thanks. Mrs Brown x @abialisha_brown #emotional #feelloved pic.twitter.com/d2FsSOlFxo

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