Sports Activities

Spring 1 Sports Clubs at Swallowdale

KS2 Boxercise

After its success last term, Adam from Primal fitness agreed to join us again bright and early on Thursday morning to deliver Boxercise for pupils and parents. The children love having the opportunity to work with their parents and use the punch pads and gloves. Already the children have built up their stamina and are starting to develop an upper hook not to be messed with.

KS2 Dance

There is a buzz in the hall after school on a Tuesday as Key Stage two are hard at work learning a challenging dance routine to some very well-known film songs. This is all so they are ready to perform alongside other local schools at Melton Theatre on the 6th February as part of the Sky Theatre Challenge. The choreography they have mastered in such a short space of time is certainly impressive – Swallowdale are sure to be a dance troop to watch out for!

KS2 Tag Rugby

The year 5 and 6 children are battling against the elements once again this term to continue building their tag rugby skills. The focus this term is the defensive line and the importance it plays in a match. We look forward to seeing the children compete in the annual local area tournament later in the term and apply the skills they are working so hard to perfect – who knows we may even come back with a trophy once again!

KS1 Football

Every Thursday evening, the children in KS1 take to the football pitch with a local qualified coach and some very dedicated Key Stage 1 staff. Despite some very cold weather, the children are all working hard on their ball skills, communication and team work to ready themselves for a match situation.

Autumn 2 Sports Clubs at Swallowdale

KS1 Yoga

Rachel from Shine Yoga has worked with the children in KS1 this term. They have focused on building their core strength and balance through the use of storytelling. Every story is told with its own sequence of yoga poses that require the children to remain calm and focused. Once they have reached the end of their adventure, the children enjoy ten minutes of reflection and relaxation before they head home.

KS1 & KS2 Boxercise

Based on the children’s request, Boxercise was introduced at Swallowdale this term and has certainly been a big hit. Adam from Primal fitness has joined us bright and early on a Tuesday and Thursday morning armed with boxing gloves and punch pads. He has enabled the children and parents to let loose and throw some punches in a safe and fun environment. Of course, Mrs Brown, Miss Shortland and Miss Fudge couldn’t help but have a go too!

KS2 Gymnastics

We love having Jazz from Little Springers join us on a Tuesday evening. Many of the children at Swallowdale have worked with Jazz in curriculum PE so the afterschool club is a great opportunity for them to try out some more adventurous things. This term we have seen cartwheels on a beam and some rather impressive multi-step routines.

KS2 Badminton  

Swallowdale were very pleased to welcome Trevor and Linda from the Old Grammarians badminton club this term. They kindly volunteered to come in to school and work with the children to increase awareness of badminton and develop the children’s skills in the sport. What started with many shuttlecocks being lost on the roof quickly transpired to some great game play and with the additional help of Mr Giampalma we might have a new Swallowdale badminton team in the making.

KS2 Tag Rugby

Now that Mr Cant has fully retired, the shoes of this talented tag rugby coach needed to be filled. We were very lucky to have Mrs Beech and Mr Duffy volunteer to step up to the job. They have battled against the elements this term when working outside with the year 5 and 6 children but the perseverance of all involved has certainly been admired. We look forward to seeing if the training has paid off later in the spring term when the children hope to compete in the annual area competition.

Sports Competitions at Swallowdale

Table Tennis

On Wednesday 7th November, schools from around Melton and Belvoir competed in a table tennis tournament at Brooksby College. This was a particularly exciting outing for the Year 5/6 Swallowdale teams as they were hoping to hold on to their current rein as local area champions After an action packed afternoon, and many nail biting moments, it was the Swallowdale girls team that played their way to triumph once again. The team went on to represent Melton and Belvoir in the county finals competition at Knighton Park Table Tennis Club on the 21st of November and certainly did Swallowdale proud.

Sportshall Athletics

Year 6 attended the annual Melton and Belvoir Sportshall Athletics Competition on Thursday 22 November. They competed against 10 other schools in a variety of track and field events including relay races, javelin, standing long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, and speed bounce. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging afternoon for all who took part. Although Swallowdale only came 8th overall, lots of fun was had – by the children and staff – and Swallowdale’s effort was highly commendable.

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