Year 2


Over the past 6 weeks, year 2 has been lucky enough to receive coaching to improve their bowling, catching and batting skills. The progress they have made has been incredible to witness and they have all shown excellent sportsmanship.

I can see a rainbow

In science, year 2 learnt about dissolving solids in liquids. They used skittles, water and milk. As the skittles have a sugar coating, they found that a beautiful rainbow pattern was made when pouring water on top of the skittles. When using milk they could conclude that skimmed milk dissolved the skittles quicker.

St Mary’s Church Christmas Tree Festival

Despite the rainy weather, year 2 and year 5 walked to St Mary’s Church to view all of the amazing trees. Did you know that there were over 1000 trees there? The trees were all uniquely decorated by different organisations and the children loved looking at them. They especially enjoyed finding Swallowdale’s tree which was decorated with the theme of Christmas characters.

Swallowdale Primary School