Year 1

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At the end of September, Year 1 had the Space Dome in to visit. We learnt all about our Solar System, including the names of the different planets and their properties. We spent the rest of Autumn Term 1 learning about space and reading lots of space books such as ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers.


Harvest Festival
For Harvest, Year 1 performed with Foundation Stage as part of a Harvest assembly. We made artwork inspired by Arcimboldo. Using pictures of different fruits and vegetables we created self portraits. The harvest assembly was performed to parents of both Year 1 and Foundation Stage as well as children in the rest of the school.


Year 1 have learnt lots about the properties of materials during the Autumn term. We tested materials to find out what was and what was not waterproof. We also made a junk model house.
Year 1 were delighted to take part in another performance this term inspired by the Nativity Story.

Reading Photos

Year 1 have enjoyed applying their phonic skills in a variety of ways. They are enjoying learning to become fluent and independent readers.

Outdoor Learning

Year 1 have been applying their phonic skills in the new outdoor classroom. They worked well as a team to hunt for the different letters and identify what sounds they made using the sound cards.


Year 1 are really enjoying their Autumn topic ‘What tickles your taste buds?’. They have enjoyed using different materials and tools to represent their favourite fruits and vegetables.

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