Spring Clubs

Key Stage 1 Yoga

Wednesday evenings are a time to relax and clear our minds. Rachel from Shine Yoga is ready and waiting to de-stress the children (and teachers!) with a calming yoga session. This provides an opportunity for the children to work on their core strength and balance as well as learning about the importance of taking time to reflect.

Key Stage 1 Tag Rugby

We are very lucky to have the expertise of Mrs Beech to help train our Key Stage 1 children in the fundamentals of tag rugby. Throughout the sessions, the children have developed ball skills and started to learn how to play as a team.  It is great to see the enjoyment on the children’s faces- even when they are head to toe in mud!

Key Stage 2 Cross Country

Friday lunchtimes are certainly very muddy ones in Key Stage 2! As the children race outside, Mr Duffy is ready and raring to put them through their paces and push them to their limits. Already, many of the children have beaten their personal best and are now looking forward to competing against other school in the upcoming cross country race at Longfield.

Year 3/4 Dance

Tuesday is when the children strut their stuff in the hall and learn the latest dance moves with our qualified coach Jess. The children have had lots of fun creating  a group dance routine and are very much looking forward to performing it  to parents at the end of term.

Year 5/6 Gymnastics

The children certainly leave school with a spring in there step on Wednesdays after spending an hour with Jazz from Little Springers. As well as perfecting the gymnastics skills they already have, the children have had the opportunity to try some very adventurous things including cartwheels on a beam, aerials and even the mastery of  the splits – it is safe to say Miss Shortland still has a lot to learn!

News Bulletin

Please remember doors open in Key Stage 2 at 8.35am for registration at 8.45am and Key Stage 1 doors open at 8.50am for registration at 8.55am.


School Closes

School finishes Friday 12th October 



We are now part of the Bradgate Education Partnership. 

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Term Times

Autumn Term 2018

Tuesday 28th August

School closes Friday 12th October 2018

Half Term Monday 15th October to Friday 19th October

School closes Thursday 20th December

Spring Term 2019

School opens Tuesday 8th January 2019

Half Term Monday 15th February - Friday 22nd February

School closes Friday 12th April 2019

Summer Term 2019

School opens Monday 29th April

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

School closes Thursday 23rd May

Half Term Friday 24th May to Friday 31st May

School closes Friday 13th July

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