PE / Sports Funding Grant

ac0daed2222b47c49a8ad1fab31b3b4b 1x1At the moment, the government provide a yearly fund that goes towards PE provision at Swallowdale. Please click on the link below to open information telling you how this money is spent.


sw bulletPE sports Funding Grant 2017/2018

sw bulletAnnual PE Survey Results 2017

sw bulletPE and Sports Premium Proposal 2017 - 2018

sw bulletFinal PE and Sports Premium 2017/2018

sw bulletAnnual Teacher Survey 2018

sw bulletAnnual Pupil Survey 2018


News Bulletin

Please remember doors open in Key Stage 2 at 8.35am for registration at 8.45am and Key Stage 1 doors open at 8.50am for registration at 8.55am.


School Closes

School finishes Friday 12th October 



We are now part of the Bradgate Education Partnership. 

To visit the website - please CLICK HERE.


Term Times

Autumn Term 2018

Tuesday 28th August

School closes Friday 12th October 2018

Half Term Monday 15th October to Friday 19th October

School closes Thursday 20th December

Spring Term 2019

School opens Tuesday 8th January 2019

Half Term Monday 15th February - Friday 22nd February

School closes Friday 12th April 2019

Summer Term 2019

School opens Monday 29th April

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

School closes Thursday 23rd May

Half Term Friday 24th May to Friday 31st May

School closes Friday 13th July

Academic Term Dates 2019/2020