Breakfast Bliss Advert

Published: Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Year 6 have been learning how to write adverts.  Here is our advert for "Breakfast Bliss"!  

We hope it makes you want to buy some!


Are you bored with eating your plain, old cereal day after day? Are you looking for a unique and remarkable new breakfast cereal which will give your body enough energy to kick start your day? Breakfast Bliss is the product for you!

The flavours contained in this amazing box of goodness will fill your day with happiness . The luxurious milk chocolate and soft, scarlet strawberries will leave your taste buds tingling. Priced at only £2.99, every box of Breakfast Bliss comes with a free, colourful bowl to encourage your children to eat their breakfast and give them everlasting joy. However, this wonderful cereal is not just for children, its magnificent flavour and texture will appeal to all ages.

Breakfast Bliss has been voted the healthiest cereal of 2015. Filled with vitamins and containing no artificial flavours or colouring, this product is also nut free and gluten free, giving everyone the best possible start to their day.

This revolutionary product can be bought today from any leading supermarket. Buy now, whilst your free gift is available!

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