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Published: Friday, 27 February 2015

Reading Champions in Year 6

Eighteen children from Year 6 proudly received their bronze wrist bands as part of the school Reading Champions scheme.  The bands were presented to the children in assembly and the children have permission to wear their bands in school.  We are hoping Year 6 will continue to read regularly to an adult at home and will soon be adding silver bands to their collection.


This term, we have been constructing scales of probability.  We have been learning the vocabulary used to describe the probability of events and how to calculate and prove the probability of events.

We have also started working with math buddies in preparation for our tests in May.  This allows us to support each other and is a great way to develop our verbal reasoning and our ability to convince others of our accuracy when solving problems. 


We have been looking closely at the features of persuasive writing in year 6 such as the use of imperative sentences, emotive language and rhetorical questions.  Together we have written adverts to persuade people to buy a new, imaginary breakfast cereal and now the children are writing their own averts for 'Top Trainers' – revolutionary footwear made from dreams!

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