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Published: Friday, 27 November 2015

In Year 4 we have been learning about WW2 and rationing. We learnt how the Dig for Victory campaign was introduced to encourage people to grow their own vegetables. Year 4 have weeded the plant beds ready to sow some seeds and have even taken a seed home to grow in a pot. We look forward to seeing what they manage to grow.

Year 4 were very lucky to have Tia’s Great Gran come in and talk to us about what life was like during WW2. We learnt lots about rationing and she even showed us a rationing book. A big thank you to her for sharing her life experience, it was invaluable.

In order to get into the role of a child in the Blitz, we all listened to sound effects of an air raid siren and explosions. We decided to take cover and hide under the tables to gain a realistic insight into what life was like for children living in London during the blitz.

On Thursday 8th October, Year 4 were evacuated to Beaumanor Hall! We learnt about rationing and foods that were popular during the war, like SPAM on toast. We made our own identity cards and even had a go at decoding secret messages on the radio. In the afternoon, there was an air raid so we all hid in the air raid shelter! There were bombs exploding all around us, it was very frightening. Luckily, we received a message later in the day that it was safe to return to Melton. The war was finally over!

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